Błażej Marczak
12 April 2015

Aberdeen, Scotland

My practice focuses on portraiture and social landscapes mainly within the urban environment. I am curious about people’s stories, social history and the specific conditions we are living in so I adopt a simple visual language to express complex   circumstances. Since my graduation in 2012 from The University of Abertay I have participated in various projects and group exhibitions in the UK and internationally, including Migration Matters, Convention of Scottish Local Authorities, Edinburgh (2015); Quality of Everyday Life, Summerhall, Edinburgh (2013); Celebrating Europe, European Prospects, Kaunas Photography Gallery, Lithuania (2014).

The Grey City (2013-ongoing)

This is a story of Aberdeen, a personal and subjective impression of this northern city. The energy capital of Europe, Aberdeen is bounded by two rivers, the North Sea and vast stretches of open land. It is often described as the Granite City, though others say it is silver. I feel it would be most accurately described as the grey city as a ubiquitous landscape of bleak granite and a matching sky evoke an atmosphere of gloom. I cannot see the glamour others describe as I am attracted by the seemingly commonplace which many may see as unimportant and mundane. The silver remains but is becoming stained, a patina encroaching. I am an outsider and I experience this place as an outsider, free from nostalgia, raw.

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