Dave Dickie
14 April 2015

Irvine, Scotland

As a practicing medical photographer, it is my job to document the anatomy of the human body and the pathologies that affect it. My job demands accurate and precise recording of images that can be a reliable source of information for treatments and surgical planning. I live and work in Ayrshire, based at Crosshouse Hospital and living in the Bourtreehill and Broomlands area of Irvine.


O’erspill is a nickname given to Bourtreehill and Broomlands in Irvine, Ayrshire, where a large proportion of Glasgow residents, looking for new opportunities, moved to during the 1970s. My project focuses on the streets of the area and the ruins of the mansion house that now serves as a folly in its own garden. The largely omitted population, featuring as fleeting apparitions if at all, give way to images of an area steeped in history that few are aware of, asking if we have failed to maintain the ideal in which it was created. Known for its colourful building renders, for which it earned its other nickname Legoland, my images show the fading colours of the buildings and the green of nature that is steadily reclaiming the areas we have chosen to neglect.

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