Stuart Pilkington
14 April 2015

Northwich, England

I started out as an event photographer for the British Film Institute, photographing film directors such as Peter Greenaway, Terry Gilliam and Alan Parker, as well as for Christiane Kubrick’s Childwickbury Arts Festival.

Strangers In Paradise (2014 – ongoing)

On 7th April 2014 I walked out of my front door and five minutes later approached a dog walker and asked to take his portrait. Over the course of the following year I formulated in my mind what the project was and headed further afield to towns and cities in the north west of England, to places I was familiar with and others I was not. As a photographer, I am most interested in a sense of play and a connection with people. The six images in this exhibition are examples of my exploration with colour, pattern and abstraction. I always give a direction to the people in the photographs not to smile, to appeal to my liking for a deadpan aesthetic, but sometimes the most interesting results are when the people photographed ignore this.

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